Utility Account Management

Prescient's Utility Account Management program focuses on quickly and accurately identifying utility providers, expedited activation and deactivation of services, tracking of deposits, mitigating violations and issuing payments to ensure proper management of each account. The Utility program covers all utility service providers including gas, water, sewer, electric, trash and irrigation in metropolitan and rural areas nationwide. Our streamlined customer work order platform expedites service requests and provides transparency for our clients. Additionally, our system allows for clients to easily track their utility requests and status no matter the size, complexity or composition of the portfolio, making Prescient's Utility program a convenient and effective way to address utility challenges plaguing non-performing loan or real estate portfolio across the nation.

Prescient’s Utility Account Management program includes:

  • Payment Review, Negotiations and Processing
  • Compliance & Regulatory Enforcement
  • Deposit Management
  • RUBS – Ratio Utility Billing Systems
  • Utility Consumption Benchmarking & Auditing
  • Utility Expense Management & Recovery