Property Tax Services

Prescient offers a streamlined, transparent and affordable solution to managing property taxes for lenders, default servicers and real estate aggregators nationwide. Specifically, Prescient's Real Estate Tax program offers accelerated identification of municipal, county and state property tax obligations, account status details, issuing of payments, appealing tax statements, regulatory review and auditing services. Prescient's Real Estate Tax program is facilitated by our state-of-the-art, proprietary software RView™ which is a work-flow channel-based program designed to monitor Real Estate Tax registration, statements, upcoming payments, appeal processes and lien curative services to help our clients maintain control of their portfolio's real estate tax obligations.

Prescient’s Real Estate Tax Account Management program includes services such as:

  • Obtaining Assessment Information
  • Validating Assessment Information
  • Verifying Assessed Values
  • Negotiating Excessive or Invalid Charges
  • Filing Appropriate Tax Appeals
  • Compliance & Regulatory Enforcement