Loan Services

Prescient provides a wide array of loan portfolio services from loan due diligence thru disposition. Prescient has conducted due diligence, managed and prepared over 110,000 performing and non-performing RBMS and CMBS notes for private and public sector clients. Prescient's seasoned professionals have a comprehensive background preparing, managing and liquidating mortgage backed notes throughout the nation.

Prescient created a proprietary online liquidation platform that is designed to package, market and dispose of loans in piece and or parcel to prospective purchasers. Marketing material is presented upon registration via a secured portal where authorized bidders gain access to loan information packages designed to maximize seller's return. All material, prior to its presentation on the website, is vetted by a seasoned Prescient professional and under goes a detailed quality control process. Online marketing sales are scalable and customizable based on unique client needs, portfolio composition and market conditions.

Prescient can conduct pre-market and pre-securitization due diligence, consulting and advisory services for varying types of loan portfolios. Additionally, Prescient offers loan portfolio evaluation and securitization support services.

Prescient’s Loan Services include:

  • Loan Portfolio Due Diligence
  • Loan Portfolio Marketing Services
  • Loan Portfolio Dispositon Services
  • Valuation Reviews
  • Environmental Reviews
  • Underwriting Reviews
  • Title Insurance Reviews
  • Settlement Reviews
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Benchmarking Analysis