HOA Account Management

Prescient’s HOA Account Management program is designed to take away the headache associated with purchasing, managing and selling real estate subjected to Home Owner Associations (HOA) and Condo Owner Associations (COA). Prescient's HOA program focuses on managing HOA accounts for lenders, owners, operators by providing a range of scalable services focused on identification of HOAs, confirming accurate contact information and account status details, overseeing HOA compliance of state and local statues, negotiating frivolous fees, reducing expenses and maintaining accounts in clean and current condition so our clients can focus on more pertinent aspects of their business. Our detailed and professional team is experienced in researching HOA's, gleaning target regions and building relationships with large management firms to turn our experiences into real results and savings for our clients.

Prescient’s HOA Account Management program includes:

  • HOA Identification
  • Payment Review, Negotiation & Processing
  • Compliance & Regulatory Enforcement
  • Violation Management
  • Vacant Property Registration
  • Budgetary Review & Account Mgmt
  • Assist with Property Access